Our packages

We offer pigtailed laser diodes, SLDs and photodiodes in various packages without and with thermal stabilization. Learn more in the application notes


The most compact and lightweight coaxial package for the modules with low heat release (for example, laser diodes in low duty cycle pulse mode or photodiodes). Read more



The package COAXB is the same compact coaxial package with a high thermal conductance bracket for convinient mounting to a heat sink. Remember to use thermal grease. Read more

The package TH is also the coaxial package with a bracket that fits popular Thorlabs' LDM9LP mount and CLD101xLP controller. Read more


DIL is the standard 14-pins dual-in-line package and it includes a TEC and a thermistor for LD, SLD or PD thermal stabilization. The package has to be attached to a heat sink with the bracket at the rear side. Read more


DILRAD is the 14-pins dual-in-line package of our own design. Similarly to DIL,
it includes a TEC and a thermistor for thermal stabilization. However, the very package surface is a kind of needle radiator thus it can be cooled with a fan. Moreover, it can be inserted into the DIL socket on a PCB and does not require soldering. Read more

A BTF ("Butterfly") package is a popular design of housing for diodes. As well as DIL packages, it includes a TEC and a thermistor for thermal stabilization. Its compact, heat-dissipating design ensures precise alignment, electrical connections, and protection from contaminants in various applications. Read more